Fine Art Nude, Figure and Portraiture photography based in Waxhaw, NC.


For those who care, I shoot primarily digital but do mix in some film now and again. Galleries that are film-based are usually nekked...I mean noted.







So why nudes you ask? First off, art and photography have a long history of painting, sculpting and photographing the human form. It only became frowned upon in relatively recent times (less than 500 years ago), largely because of the church's influence....but even the church embraced the nude human form early on.

Anywho, I've always found the human form fascinating. There's just something magical about it's curves and shapes, both male and female...and they come in all shapes and sizes. In my own growth as a fine art nude photographer, I initially pursued the sorts of body types I was attracted to....nowadays I'm trying to embrace a wider range of body types as I start to recognize the beauty in all nude forms.

Special thanks goes out to all the models you see on these pages. There's a few that are local to me but the majority are full-time traveling models that do this for a living. They have a hard life and many times have to pose in difficult environments....and deal with, how shall we say, difficult photographers. If you think nude modeling might be something to try, go into the woods on a 40 degree day, strip down and stand there for 30 minutes.....better yet, dunk yourself (naked) in a waterfall when it's 60 degrees. I wouldn't do it...but I appreciate the folks who do!

I hope you enjoy the photo galleries on display here. I still consider myself an "amateur" at this and try to avoid all the cliché nudes...but it's not easy....when you see other's work, my first inclination is to replicate it....but as I mature at this, I strive to find my own vision and style. Work in progress!


Today's gear...

Pentax K1 dSLR

Pentax 645NII

Pentax 6x7 MLU


Older gear...

Pentax 20D dSLR

Pentax K3 dSLR

Sigma SD9 dSLR

Pentax ME, ME Super, MX, K1000


Yea, I like Pentax....been shooting it since the 70s